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Teeth Whitening
Your Body is a Temple.


The red light penetrates your skin, sinking through all three layers of skin stimulating the skin cells in the last layer to go back to their youthful purpose: producing plenty of collagen, elastin and the other proteins that give young people such smooth, firm skin.

Red light therapy is essentially a time machine that takes skin back to its adolescence and reminds it how things were done back in the vibrant days. After a series of treatments, the skin regains its earlier luster, leaving you looking young and toned. The collagen has been revitalized and the skin increases its production of elastin, which leads to smooth, supple skin.

The Benefits

By stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin, red light therapy will promote the skin's natural cell activity. This means that skin will look and feel softer, that fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed away, and that spots will fade.

Because it uses red light, which is totally free of UV rays, this treatment is completely harmless and painless, unlike any other cosmetic treatment that may promise similar results. There seem to be no side effects whatsoever, except for potential risks for people who have light sensitivity or who take certain medications.


Any client who wants red light therapy needs to come in with clean, fresh skin. It's really best if clients shower right before their sessions and remove all traces of moisturizers, using a mild cleanser. By removing that extra layer of lotion on the surface of the skin, the red light can penetrate more evenly and efficiently.

First Tanning Session is Free.
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